Christmas in Italy is always delightful.

And nobody does Christmas like Naples, whose unique local customs turn this fascinating city into a joyous wonderland. If you’re craving some genuine Christmas magic this holiday season, Naples is where you need to be!

Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow!

From the vibrant Spaccanapoli to the picturesque Quartieri Spagnoli, every neighborhood transforms into an illuminated spectacle, warm, inviting, and unforgettably charming.

Presepi (Nativity Scenes) A Way with a Manger

Presepi, or Nativity scenes, are an enchanting Neapolitan tradition. Featuring intricately sculpted figurines and remarkably detailed landscapes, these tabletop artworks bring the Christmas story to three-dimensional life. Browsing the city’s lively Christmas markets you’ll see skilled artisans outdoing each other with their ingenuity and craftsmanship.

A Visit to Santa’s Workshop

San Gregorio Armeno is known throughout Italy as “The Street of Nativity Artisans.” This narrow street is practically synonymous with the artform of presepi. Pop into some of the many workshops and shops to browse an array of Nativity scenes ranging from classic to whimsical. It’s hard to believe the degree of personality and expression sculpted into every person and animal in the tableaux.

Hunting for a super memorable present?

Certain shops and market stalls specialize in rare, vintage presepi. Often passed down through generations, these hand-crafted heirlooms can now become part of your family’s holiday tradition. A one-of-a kind artifact of Naples for collectors or neophytes – including you!

The Most Wonderful Sight of the Year

And another cherished Neapolitan tradition: the annual procession that winds through the city’s historic streets on Christmas Eve, enlivened by traditional music and dance and a river of candlelit lanterns. These precious few moments when the entire population comes together to commemorate the birth of Christ with heartfelt reverence offer a front-row glimpse of Naples’ deep-rooted cultural and spiritual heritage. It’s truly the softer side of Naples!

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