Get to know Giovanna better! Studio DPJ, a hub for “cultural investigations across Literature, Architecture and Art” with a global perspective, recently posted an interview with Giovanna Chiti, Founder of Discover My Italy on its Cicheti blog. With its emphasis on encouraging a worldwide, online conversation about travel and culture and a deep connection to Venetian culture, Studio DPJ was an ideal venue for Giovanna’s own passions.

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Giovanna’s personal perspective

…“I am a woman who gets great joy and pride in sharing the beauty, lifestyle, culture and people of my country, Italy. …My life and work is driven by my relationships, my love of travel and the arts… and building a powerful network of people I know and trust. Finally, I love to share wisdom and insights to support and elevate women in the world…

On inspiration

History, culture, landscapes, food, wines, art, fashion…Italy never ceases to amaze me. It is steeped in history and yet so modern and ocntemporary, offering wonderful experiences to people of all interests and lifestyles. Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by train journeys and new adventures, always eager to share them with others. This has been a lifelong love of mine.

On favorite tours

…Piedmont was very special because of the camaraderie of the group and the joy they experienced with the food, wine, and people of this lesser-known region. The tours are so bespoke and intimate that it's as if we are traveling with family.

On the pandemic

Clearly Covid-19 was very challenging for us … but we kept going, not with travel but with innovating. It actually was a great time to realize a dream I had for a long time, of bringing high quality artisanal products from Italy to America through an online shopping site, Giovanna’s Favorites. …we also committed to giving a portion of the proceeds to (3) foundations we wished to support in Italy.

On the travel industry

Now travel is back with a vengeance...people cannot get enough of Italy! My advice is to book your trip now and to work with a professional who really knows and understands your destination.

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Giovanna Chiti

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