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What does your family love to do together?

Spring break is an ideal time for families to make memories together. And travel is the surest way to make that happen.

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce our new series of one-off tours, custom designed to be equally meaningful to every family member, of every age. Choose any region or experience in Italy, and we’ll help plan an adventure your family will remember forever — enhanced by our signature attention to comfort, efficiency, and exceptional accommodations (after all, it’s your vacation, too!)

The choice and the pace are up to you.

A ten-day spring break getaway could focus on Italian history, culture, and cuisine, with an itinerary tailored to your children’s ages and attention span. We can even suggest activities related to what they’re studying in school or their interests in music, art — or for that matter, medieval weapons!

With a bespoke tour we can pre-arrange anything from a visit to the squeri in Venice, where gondolas are still built by hand, to a pasta making class in Rome, or a behind-the-scenes peek at the private chambers and secret passageways of famous Florentine nobles.

See a sample Rome, Florence, Venice trip below and let the daydreaming begin!


In Rome, enjoy an overview of ancient Roman history by Tuk Tuk or Golf Cart with our hand-chosen guide…Take a walking tour of the city’s iconic landmarks, from the Pantheon to the Spanish steps. Follow in Julius Caesar’s steps, marvel at the Colosseum, imagine scenes of ancient grandeur on Palatine Hill… take a private, guided tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican … and save time for a guided wander through Rome’s wealth of historic and trend-setting neighborhoods not to mention, pizza and gelato shops!


In Florence, start with a private walking tour and visit to the monumental statue of David in the Accademia…take a guided tour of the splendid Uffizi Gallery stocked by the Medici clan with the greatest artistic treasures of the Renaissance…then perhaps, a walk in the divine Boboli Gardens.

Visit the city’s ancient and still bustling Central Market, its Guild Halls, artisanal workshops, and the Ponte Vecchio (all the while learning more about Renaissance customs, discoveries, and history than you’d ever learn in school.) And, if food is a family passion, let us guide you to some truly memorable meals.


In Venice, trace the city’s nautical history by water and by land. Wonder at iconic cathedrals, palazzos, and piazzas...explore the maze of neighborhoods, squares, and museums, stitched together by canals. Cross the Bridge of Sighs, book an ancient music concert in a candle-lit church, take a boat trip to the candy-colored towns of Murano and Burano, where lace and glass are still made by hand. Whether it’s legendary battles or enduring legends, opera or singing gondoliers that float your boat, Venice always delights…especially with someone else handling all the details and directions!

Italy travel expert dedicated to opening the real doors to my native country, so that you may have a truly authentic experience… and fall in love with Italy as your own. In every corner of my Italy, I’ve sought out the beauty and the pleasures of its landscapes, cities, villages and people. Many are famous or popular, but many others remain undiscovered or rarely experienced. I know them all well though, and I’m eager to share my knowledge with you.

Contact me for more information about booking a spectacular and affordable small group tour or designing an affordable custom tour of your dream trip to Italy.

With love and gratitude,
Giovanna Chiti

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